Busy Busy Busy!!! BENZ!!!!!

by caitlin kelly

It's been an exciting week and it's only Wednesday. The countdown to Miami Swim week begins and with that we have exciting news!!! We will be showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami this July!! That's RIGHT!!! Along with showing at one of the largest and most prestigious swimwear trade shows in the world, Caitlin Kelly Designer Swimwear will showcase on July 22nd in MBFW! First, this is such an amazing honor and second we are so excited and blessed that we can't hold it in. Yes, from time to time we do dance around the office, but there's still so much to do! Thank you for your continued  support and encouragement. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. If you like what you see and think one or two or ten of your friends would like us as well, let them know about us. Wether it's a "LIKE" on facebook, a friendly comment in our inbox or an order from our online store, we love watching Caitlin Kelly Designer Swimwear grow through our supporters. No matter how big our companies grows, we will never lose sight of you, our fans, friends and CKDS family. Stay tuned! Theres still so many amazing things we can't wait to share.... we can't share them all at once now can we??? What fun would that be?! Love and Light!!!